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Roof Shingle Repairs in Portland, OR

Did you recently experience a rough storm or heavy winds in your area? Chances are you're in need of some roof shingle repairs in Portland, OR. At JB Roofing & Construction we have more than 25 years of experience as licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors, so you know you can count on us to provide you and your family with a safe roof over your heads. Any time you need shingle repair, general roofing repairs, or full roof replacement, count on our skilled professionals.

To schedule a free estimate with a roof shingle repair contractor, contact our friendly and attentive staff. We offer high-quality work as well as 15-year labor warranties to bring you peace of mind.

Count on a Qualified Roof Shingle Repair Contractor

Count on a Qualified Roof Shingle Repair Contractor

One of the most common causes of roof shingle damage is heavy wind, hail, snow, and ice. The older your shingles are, the more damage they're subjected to. If you're missing shingles or have loose ones, your home is at risk of water damage, mold growth, and faster degradation of the rest of your shingles. As soon as you notice damage, be sure to schedule service with a qualified roof shingle repair contractor. Prompt repairs now help prevent the need for more expensive ones or even full roof replacement in the future.

Benefits of Prompt Shingle Repair by a Professional

While you may be tempted to ignore or put off shingle repair if it doesn't look too bad, the long-term cost could be more than you realize. Your roof's shingles are the first line of defense against water damage, energy loss, and sun damage, so it's important to keep them in top shape year-round. By getting your shingles repaired as soon as you realize they're damaged, you're able to properly protect your subroof as well as the interior of your home.

Specializing in Asphalt Roofing Installation and Repairs

One of the most common types of shingle roofing system is made using asphalt shingles due to their affordability, variety of styles and colors, and ease of repair when handled by a qualified contractor. Our team specializes in repairing asphalt shingle roofs as well as installing them. Our contractors are always happy to discuss your options with you and provide solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Contact us to schedule service with our roofing company. We're proud to serve residents in Portland, Vancouver, Gresham, Battle Ground, and St. Helens, Oregon.