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Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof repair projects can be difficult, and improperly done repairs can put your home at risk. You can trust the experts at JB Roofing and Construction to provide you with complete metal roof repair job at an affordable rate. With more than 25 years of experience, we are the right choice for your metal roof repair project!

Metal roofs last a long time – often up to 100 years, which makes them a solid choice for a roofing material when you are seeking to avoid a metal roof repair. While older metal roofs were subject to rusting over time, today's metal roofs when properly maintained will certainly pay for themselves in the form of avoided metal roof repairs.

Benefits of Working with an Asphalt Roofing Contractor

Inexpensive and Professional Metal Roof Repairs

While today's metal roofs are far superior to the tin roofs used in the 19th and 20th centuries, don't fret if you have an older metal roof. It may just need a simple metal roof repair to keep your home protected. JB Roofing and Construction has decades of experience maintaining and carrying our metal roof repairs and we can help you fully evaluate the status of your roof.


Common areas where metal roofs fail are loose flashings and gables, buckling metal in the valleys, failing plastic boots, separating seams, lack of sealant at the flashings, rusing and uplifting flashings and fastener, incorrect offsets, and broken surfaces. JB Roofing and Construction can help you with all of these metal roof repair issues and more.


Like any roof, some metal roof repair is bound to be necessary as your roof ages. However, proper care of your metal roof can avoid the need for most costly metal roof repairs. Things like avoid obstructions on the roof and keeping the roof clean can go a long way to avoiding rust and the buildup of moisture that can cause leaks in metal roofs.


And regular inspection of your metal roof can help you address issues related to wind, hail, or storm damage and help you address issues and avoid more costly metal roof repairs.


Whether you just need an inspection to prevent future metal roof repairs or you have an emergency metal roof repair job, JB Roofing Construction can help you with every aspect of your metal roof repair problem. Call us today for a free estimate for your metal roof repair project.

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